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Pagano's Wholesale Locations & Service Areas

Each batch of fresh seafood is hand selected by Pagano's buyers to meet our absolute requirements of quality and freshness. Pagano's has established excellent relationships with suppliers at the fresh seafood markets in New York, Massachusetts and Florida to guarantee customers the best quality and selection of both fresh and frozen products from around the world.

Pagano's customers choose from a wide variety of fresh fish daily. The selection may include hand cut sole and market cod from New England, Dover sole from Holland, Scallops from the georgia Bank, Bronzini and Dorado from the mediterranean or Red Snapper and Grouper from the Caribbean. Pagano's also maintains ties to the local Long Island Sound fishermen for the freshest and finest clams and oysters available anywhere in the world.

Pagano's is able to supply a full range of wild, fished and farmed seafood. We are proud to be among the first Connecticut purveyors to provide naturally raised Scottish Salmon. We continue to explore and grow a sustainability program.

Our Customers have come to expect the quality and service we deliver. We have established the benchmark by which other seafood purveyors are judged. This standard for excellence has established the Pagano reputation with many loyal, discerning customers and with their success, we achieve our goals.

Pagano's is HACCP certified. We also meet the regulatory requirements of the FDA, the State of Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection, and the Health Department of the City of Norwalk in all stages at all times. Additionally, Pagano's has contracted with an outside food safety auditor, who conducts annual inspections of our operation and plant. Food safety, product quality and consumer satisfaction are the priorities in our daily operations.